Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mail Day #17: Some Nice Pick Ups!

I haven't posted a mail day in a long time. I have been getting mail, I've just been too lazy to post them. I've had a pretty good haul lately so I figure I'll show off some of my favourite's.

A nice low numbered card for my Brathwaite collection. This card is numbered 1/74. I obtained this through a trade.

These patch variation's are getting tough to find. This one is numbered 383/400. It's a very nice card and I love the Titanium design from this year. My Brathwaite collection is becoming really nice, although I know the collection would not be appreciated in most collector's eyes. I don't know of any other Brathwaite collectors.

When I was in my early teen years I would go camping with my family a lot during the summer's. I would always pick up a beckett before I left and I would spend hours going over the pricing section. This is one card set I drooled over: 1996-97 Skybox Impact Zero Heroes. I'm happy to have picked up my first one!

I have been working on the 1995-96 Topps set. The OPC variations are very tough and I have never seen an OPC Marquee Men until I received this card in trade. It's a beauty.

I love these Marquee Men Power Booster cards and I'm happy to have picked up the Moose! I love his bucket.

Another nice Eddy card. I really like those old Hawk jersey's. In the 1995-96 season Belfour switched his mask from red to black. I like the red one much better.

I'll be sad when Osgood retires as he will be the last of the goalies with the helmet/cage combo. I highly doubt that Rick Dipetro will continue to wear his once his face heals.

A nice card sent to me by Dodger Bobble! Thanks a ton man! It's been a while since I added any card to my Leafs collection.

Saving the best for last, the ultra rare 1995-96 Topps Home Grown series. These cards rarely pop up and I was happy to grab this one at a steal for $10. I really need to clean my scanner!

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