Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chris Osgood and Patrick Lalime

As the years go by more and more of the players I grew up watching are starting to retire. I'm starting to feel old!

For years people have been debating whether or not Osgood is Hall worthy. His stats certainly say that he is, especially with 400+ wins and three Stanley Cups. The big knock against Osgood has always been that he played for a great team and never really needed to be spectacular to contribute to the success of the team. This is evident from the lack of personal trophy wins during his career.

With the above facts it's quite easy to say that Osgood was a good not great goalie, who had the luck of playing on some very good Wings teams. What should push Osgood into the Hall eventually is his playoff numbers: 74 wins, 15 shutouts, 2.09 GAA and .916 save percentage. Those are some spectacular numbers and how can anyone forget how Osgood saved the Wings when Hasek faltered in the 2008 playoffs. While Zetterberg collecting the Conn Smythe, it really should have been Osgood, going 14-4 in those playoffs with a 1.55 GAA and .930 save percentage!

Osgood retirement will mean the end of an era, no longer will any professional goalie wear the helmet/cage combo.

Patrick Lalime has also announced his retirement. While many casual hockey fan would not consider this a big deal, I can't help but think of his time with the Pens and the start of his career. Lalime holds the NHL record for the longest unbeaten streak to start an NHL career (16 games 14-0-2).

Lalime had some great years with the Sens as well but could never win when it mattered in the playoffs, although his overall playoff numbers were always very good.

Right in the middle of Lalime's hot streak to start his career, I found this beauty in a $1 box at the card shop in my mall. I was really happy to pick it up for that price since dealers were selling it for $10 during the hot streak at the local flea market, my whole weeks allowance!

Both players will continue with jobs in hockey, Lalime as an Analyst, while Osgood will mentor/work with young goalies in the Red Wings system.

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  1. I loved Lalime as a Penguin and remember following his unbeaten streak, I'll always like his mask design as well - possibly my favorite Penguins mask in history.