Friday, May 11, 2012

The Curious Case of Jim Carey

I never thought I would see another card of Jim Carey after his fall from the NHL and the stories I've heard over the years about Carey.

Carey has been a tough signature over the years. Countless people have tried to track him down, requiring his signature for sets they are working on, without much luck. From what I heard, other collectors all seem to have said the same thing: Carey will not acknowledge that he was a former NHL goalie and that they have the wrong person.

For all of the stories I've her that claim he would not sign, I heard a story once that he was elected to the Portland Pirates Hall of Fame, was friendly during the ceremony and signed for anyone who asked, including multiples.

Recently a group of collectors tried to get him to do a paid, private through the mail signing, which he ignored.

When I saw on the ITG website that Carey was due to have a signature card in the upcoming between the pipes series, I was not sure what to think. Sure enough Dr. Price managed to pull it off and find a way for Carey to sign.

It's nice to see Jim Carey get some hobby love again. He managed to snag a Vezina Trophy away from a very dominant goalie in his prime: Dominik Hasek. While his time in the spotlight was very brief, very few goalies were hotter from 1994-1996 than Carey.


  1. I was pretty excited to see an auto of Carey included in the new Between The Pipes set as well for the same reasons you have given. I'll have to snag a copy of this card.