Friday, May 4, 2012

Expo Pick Ups

This is my first time posting with the new blogger and I'm a bit lost. I noticed that I have over 17,000 page views which is just crazy considering I have only 19 followers. Must be a lot of 90's fans out there!

The expo was much different for me this time around. Last expo, I found some great deals and had an amazing haul. This year, I didn't manage to find many good deals and kept my spending to a minimum. What I realised about the hobby is how expensive it's getting, even with getting outdated 90's stuff. I'm pretty much onto the more rare issues and many dealers over charge. At this point, what's keeping me in the hobby is the friendships and getting to talk to fellow collectors about their collections. I was lucky enough to meet up with Michael, who is a follower of my blog. We made a small trade: thanks for the help with the pacific exhibit base and the bonus goalie cards. It's nice to talk to fellow collectors who enjoy the same things about collecting I do.

Without further ado, my pickups. First up, my nice hit from 11/12 ITG BTP:

I wanted to buy a box so bad but at $100, I couldn't justify it, even with the bonus show card. Instead, I picked up three packs for $20 and pulled this nice short print.

My second nice find was this one for $5:

I'm not really working on the set, I just thought it was a nice looking card and unique idea. This card is numbered to /99 copies.

Another $5 card, wanted this one for a while:

Now onto the 90's stuff, all for .25 cents to .50 cents a piece:

I also picked up a box of 1992 Topps baseball for $5 and a box 1997-98 Donruss Priority for $10. In all I spent:

$20 on packs
$15 on boxes
$29 on supplies
$15 on singles
$12 on admission

For a total of  $91. Not bad, I'm pretty impressed with myself. It's the least amount I've spent on a show in a long time.

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  1. Nice pick ups, I especially like the 90s inserts!