Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1995-96 Topps Series 2 Box Break!

Last week my girlfriend went to an antique market, while there she asked me if I wanted anything and I asked her to keep an eye opened for sealed boxes. I figured the usual garbage would be there if anything, so I was surprised when I got a text saying "92-93 score $32 and 95-96 Topps $15". I had to do a double take. I did indeed confirm it was the right box by asking my girlfriend in a way she would understand: "is there a guy in a New York Rangers jersey on the box with a silly looking helmet?". She confirmed with a "yes" I instantly called her and asked her to buy it for me. I figured it was series one so I mentioned to her that the series two boxes are much tougher to find, she replied" it is series two".  She bought the box for me and I decided to put it in my sealed wax box collection.

This past weekend we went back to the antique market, this time together. I picked up another box, to open this time and did very well.

These are the odds for inserts on the back of the packs:

Profiles 1:24
Young Stars 1:48
Mystery Finest 1:72
Finest Refractor 1:432
Home Grown 1:36
Power Booster 1:72
OPC Parallel 1:1

I was in tough to pull many inserts from the box, given that the box has only 36 packs of 5 cards each. I was really happy that each pack yielded a OPC parallel. These are tough to find and because this box is the Canadian retail version, they yield one OPC per pack.

This is the first card I pulled in my first pack. Great for me as I don't have this Soderstrom card already and secondly, it's an awesome looking card.

Now on to the hits!

I did really well! The box yielded two Home Grown Dougie's, back to back pack hits. I pulled a Marquee Men Gretzky 1:72 packs and not to mention the best hit out of the power boosters. I hit some nice OPC parallels including an Alfie Rookie and the above Chris Chelios.

The Sakic profiles and Gretzky Marquee Men are doubles and are for trade.

My master set of the 95-96 Topps series is looking a lot better now. I will post a want list from the set very shortly. The antique market has two more boxes, so I may find a way to get back there.

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