Friday, February 24, 2012

90's Inserts and Parallel Lot Pick Up Part #4

I'm trying to get myself caught up with all my mail. I recieved another lot yesterday, so I am hoping  to get this first lot posted so I can show off the next lot.

This is another large chunk of the lot. I still have some more cards to go. I really like the Leaf Press Proofs of Thibault and Tabaracci. These cards can be a challenge to find for a fair price. The skybox deflectors are doubles, so they are available for trade.

I don't have much ambition to go after all the crazy parallels Pacific put out, but I have no issue picking up as many as I can for cheap and see what happens!

This lot is mainly goalies, the Redden card is one of the very skater cards in the lot.

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