Friday, February 10, 2012

A Comeback, A Call Up and Some Mail!

I have not been able to post much lately due to a busy life, although the mail box has been quite full these days!

The comeback and call up in my title features myself and my attempt this season to get back into hockey. My last full season was in 2008-09, playing for my school team. In an injury plagued season, I finished with 7 goals and 21 assists in 31 games. Not stellar numbers, but decent considering I was playing at a very high level.

Once I got my diploma from school my life became focused on establishing myself in my career and letting my body heal. I thought I was done with hockey. The only problem is hockey becomes a part of you and you are never really done with it. Every year in the late summer, I kept getting the bug to play. Finally, healthy this past summer I decided to do something about it.

Starting a new job in the summer didn't give me a whole lot of flexibility for joining a team, so I got myself in shape and let my friends teams know that I was ready and able to play if they were ever short.

Three month's into the season I had heard nothing from any of the teams an despite getting myself in to great shape (working out and playing shinny 2-4 times a week) I was losing motivation and ready to get on with my life.I almost went an entire week without playing, thankfully I forced myself to go out at week's end and a day later I got the call I had been waiting for: I was getting called to go played in an organized, official game of hockey.

As expected my first game back was a little bit sluggish, but by the third period I had found my legs, although it was too late as the team got pounded 7-2.

A little bit disappointed and not sure if I would get another call, I did, this time two weeks later to play against the same team that had beat us when I had played before.

This time, things were different, my legs were in to it right away and I was getting some good chances. I assisted on the game tying goal in the third, in a hard fought close game. We went on to lose the game in overtime 4-3. Not a bad result after we had just been pounded by the same team just two weeks ago.

Any way's on to the mail!

Still working on the set, although I'm getting really close to completing it! Just a few more to go!

A really cool looking acetate insert from classic. These guys were really ahead of the game in terms of inserts in the early 90's.

An amazingly sweet insert card from Donruss Elite. Limited to /2500 copies. Considered a high print run these days, in the mid 90's this was very low printed!

I love these press proof gold cards from 97-98 Donruss. This one was a steal for $2! A nice card for my McLean PC!

A major white whale of mine! I have been collecting McLean seriously for about two years now and not once has this card came up on eBay. I found this card on another site for the low price of $2.50!


  1. Nice cards, I lone 90s inserts. I have that same Mclean Press Proof btw I remember pulling it back in the day and it was a huge deal.

  2. that's awesome! Very few people left around that appreciate 90's inserts! It was a thrill pulling the higher end ones back in the day since the odds were not in your favour.