Friday, August 12, 2011

Beckett Hockey

I'm up late after a poor showing at my Friday night pick-up game. It's my own fault for loading up on Chinese food a few hours before I went to play. I'm currently only getting one day off work a week right now and wasted my one free night to stay up late playing hockey like crap!

Anyway, I picked up a beckett today for the first time since Steve Stamkos rookie season. When Beckett started to do the bi-monthy issues and jacked the price up to un-reasonable amount, I quit buying on a regular basis.

I  have found it tough lately to figure out a cards value with my older guides so I figured it was time to get something current. I personally believe ebay is much more accurate with it's closed sales information. My main motivation was to go through the price guides with beckett and figure out which sets I'm currently working on are the most reasonable to continue building. The information on print runs and checklists comes in pretty handy when your trying to figure out cards you are missing for a set.

For almost two years I have mainly collected 90's inserts. I never really needed set information or prices because most of the cards I picked up were only a few dollars each and I have my good old Charlton price guide from 1998 with full checklists inside. I have recently decided to go have nice game used pieces and autographs. I really want to buy a nice wooden frame display case for my man cave and I want some nice cards to display in the case.

I will end this post with a nice scan of some of the cards I have picked up lately for some sets/PC's I am working on

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