Tuesday, August 30, 2011

David Aebischer Invited to Jets Training Camp

My blog lately has been focusing on more news then collecting. This is thanks to being swamped with work this summer and I have been unable to take the time to pick my far and few pickups.

I stumbled upon a story recently that David Aebischer had been invited to Jets training camp. I always thought Aebischer had a bright future in the NHL after his 03-04 season with the Avalanche when he became the number one goalie after Patrick Roy retired.

Aebischer had one good season in the NHL and then bounced around before heading to the Swiss League where he has played the last four seasons. His play, or should I say statistics have declined since he returned to the Swiss league and he is coming off his worst season posting a GAA above three and a save percentage below .900.

For a goalie of his caliber, Aebischer has really done nothing in the Swiss league to deserve another NHL shot. He has put up ordinary numbers and tanked in the playoffs. Luckily, thanks to the salary cap teams are doing interesting things with there goaltending and try to get by with less in net.

If Aebischer makes the Jets out of training camp, the Jets would have to make some sort of deal with his Swiss team as he is still under contract to them.

Aebischer once had a bright NHL future in net and he saw that future slip away pretty fast. While he has done very little to deserve a second chance, he is getting one and I really hope he makes the most of it.

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