Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jerome Who??

I was going through the baseball box scores the other day when I saw a gem of a game pitched by the Angels Jerome Williams. I thought the name was familiar and upon checking the Internet I realised it was none other then former first round pick Jerome Williams who last pitched in the major leagues in 2007.

Upon checking out Williams baseball cube profile, I couldn't believe he had still been active all these years since his last major league appearance. He really started getting lit up in his later years, struggling with weight and injuries that after 2009 I figured he was done with ball.

Turns out Williams hadn't given up after all and was in Taiwan for the 2010 season. He has spent most of the 2011 season with the Angels Triple A affiliate Salt Lake until his call up.

This past Sunday, Williams made his first major league start in years and dominated with six strike outs, no walks through seven innings to earn his first major league win in over 2,000 days! The no walks is nice to see considering Williams struggled with control later on his previous major league duty.

It's nice to see that guys can go over seas and resurrect there careers, think of guys like Colby Lewis and Ryan Vogelsong. What use to be career suicide (going over seas) has been a spring board in giving players a second chance at the Major Leagues.

It will be nice to see Jerome Williams find success and finally live up to his potential but it's mainly nice to see a guy work hard and get back to the majors after a long time away.

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