Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer Pickups - Autos

I managed to pick up a nice group of 06-07 ITG BTP autographs from one seller on eBay who offered a really good combined shipping rate, so I paid a little over a dollar on average per card.

Easily my favourite autograph of the bunch thanks to some fine penmanship. Seriously this guy actually took the time to sign his name very legibly and was a decent goalie in his time. I have really wanted to add a Richard Brodeur autographed card to my PC for sometime now and I couldn't have found a more nicer one.

I purposely selected this card second to compare it to the Brodeur. Here is a guy who has 22 games of NHL experience and he couldn't even take the time to sign his name. This is more then a scribble then anything. It's a shame because I really had high hopes for Leneveu after he dominated the college ranks but he hasn't been able to find much success in the pro game.

Jeff Deslauriers has spent his time in the NHL backstopping some weak Oiler teams and his stats reflect it. While his career GAA may be high, he has posted a career .901 save percentage. With the talent ahead of him in the Oilers net, think Roy and Dubynk, I think we have seen the last of Deslauriers in the NHL.

Journeyman goalies and highly touted prospects who never really made it to the NHL full time have always have a place in my collection. I wrote an article a short while ago on Finley and the challenge he has faced moving on to post-hockey life. I have always wanted a nice Finley autograph card and I'll always remember how great of junior player he was.

Holmqvist made it to the NHL despite being the 175th overall pick in the 1997 NHL entry draft. He never really excelled in North American hockey and returned to Sweden in 2008 to continue playing pro, where he still plays today.

I admit it, I got this card because I love Stephan's old school mask. Despite being an average goalie in the Swiss league, Stephan got a shot in the NHL with the Dallas Stars. He barely spent three seasons in North America before going back to the Swiss league, playing one more season in 2009-10 with no record since.

Another autograph I have wanted to add to the collection for sometime. Leclaire had a bright future ahead of him before injuries derailed him and have put his career in jeopardy. He is currently on the outside looking in and is a free agent but his hip issues are still lingering. He may have to hook up with a European team when he gets healthy to try to make his way back to the NHL.

This was the most expensive card of the lot at just under $3. I tried to snag the SP'ed version as well but lost that one in a bidding war. I was really impressed with how Montoya preformed in the NHL with the Islanders, especially with the Nabokov soap opera. It was nice to see someone appreciate an NHL opportunity even if it was with the struggling Islanders.

So there you have it, a bunch of 06-07 ITG BTP autos for about $13 shipping included. Not a bad deal considering these are one a box, with boxes going for about $50 plus shipping.


  1. Ya Brodeur has always stood out to me as one of those guys that cares about his signatures...great autos

  2. Excellent lot for a great price...very nice!!