Thursday, September 29, 2011

PC Mailday!

It seems that I have finally found a collecting system that works for me. About a month ago I decided I would focus on only BUYING game used and auto's, while my second love, collecting 90's inserts would be done through trade. Although I have no problem spending money on 90's inserts at card shows as I can find them cheap. On eBay they really seem to add up with shipping charges.

I have done really well lately building up my collection with game used and autos. I will have some nice cards to display in the future man cave.

A really nice pickup for my Montoya PC. I slightly over paid for this card but I was locked up in a bidding war. I love the look of this card and I was looking to acquire it for sometime. I hope to upgrade this card in the future as it's just a plain white swatch.

Another card I had been looking out for. I managed to pick up a Leland Irving card from this set previously and I am really happy to land the Montoya card. I got this card for cheap as the seller had listed the same card but with a better glove piece, so most of the attention was drawn to that card.

I saw this card listed on eBay and I thought I already had it. I went through my Mclean PC to see I had this card, although the photo was slightly different.Upon doing some research I discovered that McLean has two game used cards in the series and I only owned one of them.The auction went higher then I thought but I am glad to add this card to the PC. I find it strange that some of these Titanium game used cards can sell way over book. There must be some set collectors out there that bid up the prices.

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