Monday, October 3, 2011

98-99 UD CC Box Break

Seems like everyone is breaking these boxes these days and I've had a few boxes sitting in my sealed wax box collection so I busted one.

Overall it was a lot of fun! My girlfriend helped me and it was the first box break together. I told her we were looking for cards with gold borders (starquest gold). After a few packs she got bored and started opening up the packages slightly to peek in for gold foil. I stopped that pretty quick!

Here are my favourites from the break!

Not sure why they would take a picture of Dino Ciccarelli feeding a rhino but I think it's pretty funny! A very random photo indeed!

I love the look of this card! If you can't tell by the picture it's a choice reserve insert of Mathieu Garon playing for team Canada. I love goalie cards and I really like cards from the World Junior so it's a great combo.

Another choice reserve card, a Patrick Roy checklist. Anything Patrick Roy is gold in my books and although Sawchuk is my favourite goalie of all time, I think Roy may be the greatest goalie of all time.

I really like the look of this card, the red from triple star quest goes really nicely with the Habs uniform.

The crease subset cards are great and I have always liked the look of them. I was really happy to pull this choice reserve version of the card and it's going straight into the Cujo PC.

I'm always happy to land another Bure card for the collection. I never really thought I was a fan of the Canucks uniform Bure is wearing but I think it's grown on me over time.

No gold starquest but I still managed to hit some nice cards. I pulled the full set of the blue starquet with plenty of doubles. I am very happy with this box for $8. It's too bad more boxes weren't this cheap!

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