Saturday, October 29, 2011

Al Montoya

Ever miss out on a card on eBay and wish that you had bid more? Recently a Montoya FW Patch auto card went up for auction and I lost out by a few dollars. Luckily, a week and a half later, a buy it now for the card was posted and luckily the seller and I agreed to a price.

This is easily one of my favourite cards in my collection. I have always really wanted a future watch patch card and I'm glad to land one of a current player I collect. My only disappointment was that the patch on the front is from a "photo shoot worn jersey" not a game used. Still, a really cool card to own.

What drives me nuts right now is that while Montoya is 2-2 with a .930 save and 2.01 GAA, he has been stuck in the press box. I understand that the Islanders net is a log jam, that Nabokov is more proven and that Dipietro is getting paid a lot of money but Montoya deserves more of a chance. He is a young goalie with a lot of talent and athletic ability. The one knack against him at this point is his rebound control.

You would think that with his promises he would get more of a chance. All it took was a slightly below average start (4 goals against on 30 shots) to have the Islanders coach Jack Capauno to go with Nabokov. I would like to point out that Montoya's overall numbers are slightly better then Nabokov's, not to mention Nabokov's age: 36. You would think they would give a guy ten years younger more chance to develop. Just my two sense.

I really hope Montoya will get some more starts and prove his worth. I really enjoy collecting him as his style of goal his similar to mine and the fact that I think he is a positive role model. Here is an NHL who regularly admits to how appreciative he is of his chance at being an NHL player and that he's always going to give nothing but his best.

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  1. Nabokov has a no trade clause and likely won't waive it unless he can get traded to a contender. The Isles need to play him so they pique some interest. Dipietro is getting playing time is just to save face on that contract. Montoya should be getting on the ice more but the Isles continue to be a debacle.