Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TTM Mailday: Dan Cloutier

I made this custom and sent it off to Cloutier last spring. I am really happy to have this one back! Sorry for the crummy pic, I have been taking pictures of my pickups with my cell phone as my scanner has been down for sometime.

Cloutier was a pretty solid NHL goalie who's fall from grace was pretty surprising. His peak came at the age of 28 and it was all down hill after that. He never was the same goalie after the lockout and he put up some pretty weak numbers.

While his end was pretty abrupt, I will always remember his time with Canada at the World Juniors, his mask and mean streak. This is a very nice add to my autograph collection!


  1. Nice custom and a nice auto, although I'll always remember Cloutier for the Lidstrom goal in the 2002 playoffs.