Saturday, October 29, 2011

TTM Mailday: Boyd Devereaux

I was really happy to find a home address for Deveraux as I really enjoyed his play with the Leafs. I really thought he was a good character player in the NHL, who put in an honest effort each and every game.

Deveraux wrapped up his NHL career with the Leafs by netting a hat trick in his final game. How many players can say that they managed a hat trick in there last NHL game. The Leafs brass was bringing in a youth movement and they decided not to bring Devereaux back.

I'm glad to land these three cards. I'm always happy to add signed cards of world junior alumni, as I really enjoy watching the tournament every Christmas season. The 08-09 OPC is a set card and the  05-06 Parkhurst is a set card as well.

I have been getting around to sending out a few requests these days and I hope to see my mailbox more full in the future.


  1. He was great with the Wings back in the day, especially when he got on the line with Datsyuk and Hull. Great stuff!

  2. I enjoyed Deveraux in his rookie days with Team Canada and the Oilers, nice return.

  3. Hey, would it be possible to send me Devereauxs home address?, I'd like to send him some items as well. Thanks!