Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Pickups Part 2

Summer is pretty much over now so I'm going to start trying to post my pickups quicker.

I really like the ITG products from this past season. I have been chasing a lot of goalie cards. This card is actually a 1/1 from the Cross Canada Tour and I landed it for under $5.

Beaupre had a few nice seasons in the NHL but for the most part he was an average goalie at best. I have always been a big fan of Beaupre's Caps mask and it was a big reason for chasing after the card.

Some of my favourite cards as a kid featured Beaupre making a dirty pad save or glove save. He was a flashy goalie with the knack of making tough saves but letting in easy goals at the worst times.

This is a card that I don't see ever leaving my PC. It's always nice owning a 1/1 card of a childhood favourite, especially one that features a sweet mask!

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