Thursday, December 8, 2011

2001-02 Titanium Break

A big thanks goes out to everyone who reads my blog. I have gone up to 15 subscribers and I thank each and everyone of you!

I did really well with this break, first pack I pulled this nice little PC gem:

I really like the look of the base cards for the set and these serial number cards look really cool as well. I also pulled another PC card numbered to /94: Tom Barrasso!

Six packs in each box and each box contains one double sided jersey card. I had one extra thick pack and I saved that one for last. I pulled a really nice gem!

The Modano is a 4 color patch! You can't see the green in the scan, but it is there. The Turgeon is just a boring white patch, but the Modano more then makes up for it.

It's a shame that Pacific shut it's door's. They put out some nice premium products in the early 00's and this led to premium products today like the cup and ITG Memorabilia. I love finding these old Pacific boxes for great prices and I have two more boxes to open on Christmas!

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  1. Not bad. I remember getting a box of this stuff a few years back and the only thing I hit was a Lindros/Fleury dual patch. And you're definitely right about Pacific, I used to love their stuff, especially being in my teens during the late 90's early 00's, man those were the days...