Thursday, December 15, 2011

HBO 24/7: Flyers & Rangers

If you haven't watched part one of the HBO special 24/7, Flyers & Rangers, I highly recommend you watch it. I never showed any interest in watching the Caps and Pens series last year as I was completely sick of hearing about the Crosby Vs. Ovie garbage.

After just a few minutes I knew I was automatically hooked on the series. Two big curiosity's I have had lately have been: how the Rangers felt about the "gun celebration" by Artem Anisimov and how Wayne Simmond's felt about kneeing perhaps the best NHL player at the moment in the back of the head. Both of these situations were highlighted during the special.

Two things I really liked about the special so far have been the locker room scenes between periods and what sort of things are spoken. Secondly, I really enjoyed seeing one the players would do during down time in the afternoons. I found it very surprising how well the Rangers have seemed to bond together this season and the show emphasises that.

One of the players that really surprised me was Wayne Simmonds. He seems like a really down to earth guy who is humble and enjoys during work in the community. It's nice to see the side of players off the rink as I know from experience that most players are much different on and off the ice.

The show starts off with scenes of the players fighting from both teams and I found it funny that every fighting scene featuring a New York Ranger was of Brandon Prust. I saw this guy play in junior and you could tell that he loved to fight and nobody wanted to mess with him.

I can't wait until next Wednesday for part two and I'm really looking forward to the outdoor game on January 2nd, despite not being a big fan of either teams.

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  1. Really surprised they didn't mention the Simmonds vs Avery angle. I suppose that'll be in a later episode.