Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pack Break #11: 93-94 UD Series 2 Hockey

In October I bought a ten pack lot of 93-94 UD Series 2 off ebay for .99 cents. The packs turned out to be pretty decent and I even pulled two Chris Osgood RC's.

This was the last pack I held on to and it was easily the weakest pack of the bunch. I usually pulled a few star base in each pack but this one held none.

When your best base card is Kelly Miller or Dave Manson, you know you have issues. Thanks a lot UD for great collation and giving me two Patrick Carnback cards in the pack. I'm glad to see that over the years they have fixed collation issues *sarcasm*.

I managed to pull two decent World Junior cards from the pack. Jason Allison was a star player in the late 90's but faded into obscurity when his slow foot speed was not suited for the new NHL.

My SP card was not great either. Remember when Malakhov was hyped as a future star defenseman? In the 92-93 season he actually put up 52 points in 64 games! The season after he put up 57 points and then it all went downhill from there. He put up some decent numbers during his time with the Habs but he never came close to the hype placed on his shoulder and never unlocked the potential he had.


  1. I hear you on the collation issue. I got a box a while back and it was horrible, I think I ended up with four or five copies of some cards.

  2. I actually have a box of series 1 that I'll be opeing in the near future and I really hope it's not loaded with dupes!