Monday, February 28, 2011

Mail Day #14: Taking the Trade Route

I have been spending too much money on cards lately so I figured I could cut down a lot of that spending by trading. The three cards I picked up all came through trade.

A nice short printed Pacific card for my McLean PC. It's been a while since I added a McLean card to my PC, so it's nice to pick one up!

I love any Hasek card picture in the old school Sabres uniform. Anyone remember his ridiculous 93-94 season? Did he ever dominate! It's too bad Topps doesn't produce hockey cards anymore. The Finest series was always such a popular set. This version is the refractor parallel.

I really like the Pinnacle Inside product and it's a shame it never lasted longer then one year. I'm really happy to pick up the best card in the "stoppers" insert set of Patrick Roy.

Thanks for the people who traded with me. It's greatly appreciated.

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