Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank You Manitoba Moose!

I wasn't having the greatest day and my Girlfriend stopped by my work after she finished her shift. She works at the airport and she mentioned that she checked in a sports team from Winnipeg. She checked the whole team in for their flight, despite the fact that they weren't in the group line. The man who checked the players in was so appreciative that he gave my girlfriend a bag of merchandise because she had saved the team time!

At this point I couldn't figure out who the team was and I figured it was some low level sports team. When I went to her car and saw the bag, I knew right away that it was the Manitoba Moose of the AHL! I opened the bag to find a nice men's flex fit hat, toque and t-shirt. The bag also contained a woman's hat and two ladies t-shirts! The items came to a grand total of $125 + tax and we got them for FREE.

It was a nice surprise that brightened a rough day. I've never heard of a sports team doing this before and it was really nice gesture. I think I will be following the Moose more closely these days!

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