Friday, February 25, 2011

TTM Mail Day #10: Ron Tugnutt

This mail day was a little different for me! I had made some customs of Ron Tugnutt and I wanted to get them signed so I sent them off! All marks on the pictures are from my scanner bed.

I made two variations of a mask card. These were tough to do because I had to crop the mask from the original photo and clean out the bar area of the mask.

This card is my favourite by far! I will be sending out some of these to other goalies to have signed: mainly retired players, some junior players and lower level current goalies.

A nice 8 X 10! My Wal-Mart wouldn't print it out with the white border on the top and bottom. I think it looks nice anyways and you won't see it when I frame it.

For my heritage set! I did not know Tugnutt had a card in the set until someone sent it to me in a large trade for some goalie cards.

I'm not sure if people actually use the addresses I post, so I'll only post the addy I sent to if it's asked for!


  1. great return!

    and yes, I use the addys if I don't already have it...

  2. Hey cool customs!

    What did you use to print them?

  3. awesome,I sent Tugnutt to the Peterborough Petes here he coaches.

    I printed my customs on my Hp Photosmart all in one printer! I printed on a 4 X 6 photo sheet and printed the card actual card size. Then I cut the card out with an x-acto knife. I glue them onto decoy cards found in packs. Don't glue them on until after you have them signed. I found that the cards bubbled a lot while being handled through the mail when I glued it down first!

  4. Very cool customs...I would love to make a few myself...I noticed your comment on my blog (
    Thought I`d give your blog a look, and I have to say you got some pretty cool hockey sigs and baseball stuff!
    Good Luck in the future!

    p.s - Make sure to follow!