Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mail Day #15: A Massive Seam

I have been working on the draft day duos set and this marks my fifth card of the 20 card set
(25% complete).

The card looks great scanned and the Cloutier piece is really thick with a large seam running down the middle. The only problem with this is that the seam is much too big for the card. Along the middle back of the card is a massive crease and under the "4" of 1994 is creased. While I'm still happy with the card and I usually don't care much for condition, the condition this card is in is un-acceptable! I wish the seller had told me the condition of the card. Thank goodness I got it for a bargain basement price!

I really do like the card and I plan not on examining up close or looking at the back ever again. These are the cards I have left to obtain for the set (I have the cards in blue):

DDD-01Chet PickardThomas McCollum2008
DDD-02Trevor CannTyson Sexsmith2007
DDD-03Jonathan BernierLeland Irving2006
DDD-04Steve MasonSimeon Varlamov2006
DDD-05Carey PriceTuukka Rask2005
DDD-06Al MontoyaMarek Schwarz2004
DDD-07Corey CrawfordJimmy Howard2003
DDD-08Josh HardingHannu Toivonen2002
DDD-09Pascal LeclairePeter Budaj2001
DDD-10Philippe SauveJason LaBarbera1998
DDD-11Roberto LuongoScott Clemmensen1997
DDD-12J-S GiguereBrian Boucher1995
DDD-13Marty TurcoDan Cloutier1994
DDD-14Grant FuhrMike Vernon1981
DDD-15Martin BrodeurFelix Potvin1990
DDD-16Mike RichterSean Burke1985
DDD-17Patrick RoyKirk McLean1984
DDD-18Dominik HasekVladislav Tretiak1983
DDD-19Ken WreggetRon Hextall1982
DDD-20Tim ThomasEvgeni Nabokov


  1. That is a sweet Cloutier swab! Nice looking card all around!

  2. I love seam memorabilia cards. ITG is the best at making them, I found a sweet Maxime Clermont Subway Series card with a red/white seam for 99 cents on eBay. I wish UD would put more thought in their swatch selections!