Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TTM Mail Day #19: Curt Giles

I'm typing this post in pain as I have been playing my DS too much lately. I can't stop playing MLB 2K11 and Pokemon Black!

You are probably wondering who the heck Curt Giles is. To be honest I sent this request because I needed it for my 1990-91 Topps set. I was pleasantly surprised to get my card back signed with a very nice signature. Usually the lower tier players return my card back signed with an ugly ball point pen and a scribble for a signature.

I took the time to look up Curt Giles and he was a very dependable defenseman who spent almost 900 games in the NHL. He also won a silver medal with Canada at the 1992 Olympics. Not bad for a guy I knew nothing about, it's a shame I didn't have something of team Canada to send him to sign.

I also took the time to find another card of Giles to send: 1991-92 Score. I really like the design of the card and I miss the green of the North Stars. Boxes of 1991-92 Score are pretty much given away for nothing and have little value. I really think the set is under appreciated and as a kid I really liked the Dream Team and Franchise cards.

This success comes from a big batch I sent off when I went away to Florida and it's the first one to come in. I hope the successes keep coming!

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