Friday, March 25, 2011

TTM Mail Day #17: Tyler Moss

Moss was a victim of the numbers game during his NHL career and I feel like he never got a fair chance. He had decent NHL numbers with the Calgary Flames, enough to keep him at the NHL level. While his numbers with the 2000-01 Carolina Hurricanes aren't that impressive you will see that they were very strong defensively and had nine players -10 or worse.

It's not easy to establish yourself when you bounce between 16 pro teams during a ten year career in pro hockey in North America. Moss always seemed to play pretty well wherever he went but no one considered him full time back-up NHL material.

Moss went over sea's in the 2005-06 season and has been there ever since. He now toils in the German League with the Hannover Scorpions. I sent this letter to the Scorpions, asking nicely for any cards he had of himself playing with Hannover and if he could send two because I know of someone else who collects his cards.

This is a very nice success from a goalie who is the epitome of  the "Journeyman Goalie".

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