Saturday, March 5, 2011

1995-96 Topps: I Need Your Help!

I'm looking to build the master set of 1995-96 Topps and I'm looking to trade for the following cards:

series 1:
3,21,30,31,45,48,65,81,87,94,95,115,124,127,129,13 2,141,142,170,171,174

Series 2:
any and all

OPC variation:
any and all (I have Belfour #130 and thats it)

Marquee Men Power Booster
Series 1: 3-7,9-12,14,16,17,19-21
Series 2: any and all (except for foppa and mogilny)

Canadian Gold

Mark Messier Pro Files
Series 1: 2,8
Series 2: Any and all!

Canadian World Juniors

Hiddens Gems
Any and all (except for McLean, Robitaille and Oliver)

Power Lines
Any and all (except for bruins #7PL)

Rink Leaders, Home Grown, Myserty Finest, Young Stars
Any and all!

New to the Game
2,3,5-10, 12-17,19, 21, 22

If you have anything and you would like to trade please leave me a comment!

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