Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TTM Mail Day #16: Gary Bromley

Another custom "In the Crease" card signed! I'm glad that so far the guys I've sent to have figured out to sign in the crease area! I have seen a lot of people do customs, make a designated area for the athlete to sign and then they sign in a random spot!

Most of my In the Crease cards were made for players who didn't have a lot of cards during there NHL career or signed items.

Gary Bromley never got very many cards despite having one of the coolest masks ever! Bromley got into 136 career games and is best known for his mask. His best season came in the 1974-75 campaign were he posted a record of 26-11-11 in 50 games, his only season as a starter in the NHL. He also posted 4 shutouts that season with a 3.10 GAA.

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  1. Sweet TTM...Bromley had one of the best masks in history IMO