Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Person Autograph #1: Peter Worrell

It's been ten days since I've posted and that's because I have been away in Flordia for the last 8 days, finally returning today! I took the time to go through most of the blogs I follows posts from the last week or so.

Despite being a huge hockey fan I've only ever been to one NHL game before. My hometown Leafs are not cheap to see so when I realised the Panthers played about 5 miles away from my hotel on vacation, I knew I had to go to the game!

Midway through the first period the announcer mentioned that Peter Worrell would be signing autographs during the first intermission for the first 150 fans! I looked at my girlfriend and right away she encouraged me to go, knowing how much I like getting autographs!

I manged to race down to the first level and found only 4 or 5 others waiting in line at the time! He started signing early and was very friendly. This meant a lot to me considering I rarely get to meet NHL players in person. As I was leaving I had a big grin on my face and one of the older ushers started laughing and gave me the thumbs up!

I never really appreciated Worrell when he played in the NHL but I do now. He even took the time with his signature to make sure you could actually read his name! It was a great experience to meet Worrell and this autograph will hold a lot of meaning to me and will be a nice piece in my collection for many years.

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