Sunday, January 15, 2012

2001-02 Pacific Vanguard Box Break

I got this box as a Christmas gift and as you can see by the box, you get two guaranteed game used cards per box. I was really hoping for the the dual Turek/Brathwaite patch.

I pulled a base parallel of Heatley numbered to /89. A nice looking card! I hit this near the start of the box.

I pulled this Naslund premiere date /83 in one of the last packs of the box. I also pulled a Jiri Dopita rookie card numbered to /404. Other inserts I hit were a Brendan Shannahan Quebec Tournament Heroes, Dominik Hasek V-Team and Daniel Sedin Prime Prospects. It's been a few weeks since I busted the box so I forgot I pulled these and did not scan them.

When I saw the Turek I got excited, turned the card around and saw that it was with Marc Savard. Oh well, I still had fun busting the box and the base set looks really nice.

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