Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amazing Ultimate Pick Up!

This years ITG Ultimate had some amazing cards and I managed to pick up my most coveted card in the set. This card was a MUST for my McLean collection. His save in the '94 cup finals is what made me like Kirk McLean. As a kid I thought this was an amazing final and I'm happy to own a large piece of it.

What makes it even sweeter is that I got this card for a MAJOR steal. Another auction where the seller charged sales tax. I tell you, the best way to not get the best money for your cards on ebay is to charge sales tax, not many people want to pay extra on top of the final price. Even with the sales tax on this card, I still got a major discount form the normal selling price.

I also added this nice McLean autograph. It took me a while to add this card as I'm not overly enthusiastic on adding a plain McLean autograph considering I already have one. Set builders, team and player collectors must have already gotten there copies because I got mine for pretty cheap!

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