Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Large Mailday With Some Gems!

Still getting caught up on mail for this last little while. I still have Christmas box breaks to post as well!

Starting off with a nice little lot of Scoring Kings for my set:

I always wanted to start working on this set and to this point I just owned Kirk McLean, got these for a steal at a little over $2 each including shipping for a seller liquidating a large amount of game used cards on sportscard website:

Next up some Irbe stuff, the quad game used was part of deal I got for the liquidated game used and the All-Star card was part of a trade. It was nice to not have to overpay for some nice Irbe PC pieces:

Next up some random goalie stuff for the goalie PC:

I love picking up journeymen goalie cards and I'm happy to add guys like Wade Flaherty and Maxime Ouellet to my pc!

I am saving one really amazing addition to my Kirk McLean PC to post at another time. My best pickup of the year by far! Coming soon..

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