Thursday, January 19, 2012

Terrific Montoya Mail Day

Starting off with some of the smaller Montoya pick ups and then I'll move on to the big boys! I picked up two major cornerstones for the PC.

This is the last ITG auto that I needed of Montoya and it's only the second one that I've seen pop up. I like the yellow design on the left.

Time for the two major pick ups:

10-11 ITG BTP He Shoots He Scores redemption! I thought I would never see this card as it's only numbered to 20, most likely not all got redeemed and I would imagine most people would keep the card in there PC if they did redeem it.

If you look in the bottom right corner, the card is hand numbered 9 of 20. This is the only copy I have seen on eBay and I imagine that the other 8 are already in PC's.

This is another card I thought I would never see. It's numbered to just /10 copies and features a piece of game used jersey, emblem, number and tie down from a Hartford Wolf Pack jersey. Another amazing card from ITG!

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