Thursday, January 5, 2012

Secret Santa Exchange

I am back after a very lengthy absence due to a very busy holiday season. There is a lot to catch up on and I'll get started with the best Secret Santa package I have ever received! This was set up on another site and requirements were to send your secret Santa: five through the mail/in-person  autographed cards and ten other cards of your choice. Everyone stated what they liked and the person who got me did really well!

I'll start off with the five autographs. I asked for goalie stuff and I got pretty much all goalie cards. The autographs are not what makes the secret Santa, but they are still pretty decent. I got three current NHL goalies in Hedberg, Hiller and Ellis. I don't have a Toivonen IP/TTM autograph and I'm a sucker for the early 90's classic cards so these two cards were easily my favourite.

Now onto the inserts:

I always loved these metal cards and I'm happy to get one of the second best goalie of all-time.

I was really happy to see a Brodeur game used card in the lot. It's the first game used of him I have and it goes straight into the PC!

I LOVE glove cut cards from the 90's. I only have a few from this set, so getting this Hebert is a big help.

These score artist proofs are tough to find and it's nice to get one of a future hall of famer in Osgood, even if it's a weak photo of him drinking water.

What a GREAT card of the best goalie of all time and one of the most iconic masks in the game, not to mention it's coming from a really nice mid 90's insert from UD.

Another awesome Roy card! I didn't have this one and would have had to pay $5-$10 on the open market for this card. I miss seeing those old Koho goalie pads.

This is the final lot of the cards I got, except for the gem of the lot that I will show a scan of at the end. The Boucher is a double, so it's available for trade. I never understood those stadium club goalie cam cards, they always looked funny on the side like the card wasn't glued together properly. The Tugnutt was loose and I realised it opened up to see this great shot inside:

A pretty cool card, I tried to get the Dafoe open but it was glued shut and I didn't want to damage the card just to get it open.

The best for last, I have ALWAYS wanted one of these cards and it's nice that it's of a goalie I really liked as a kid:

Ed Belfour UD SP game film from 1996-97! These cards are really awesome and it's one of my favourite pick ups of the year, most likely a top five pick up!

That's my secret Santa for this year. I hope next year is just as good! Hopefully I can find more of the game film cards in 2012.

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