Friday, December 31, 2010

Card Mail Day #2: 01-02 Pacific Premiere Date Fred Brathwaite 5/45

So far two mail days and both are Fred Brathwaite! My main PC players aside from Brathwaite are Kirk McLean and Terry Sawchuk. I do have a handful of other players I collect as well and 90's inserts sets too. Ultimately my goal is to own every Vintage Sawchuk card, every Kirk McLean card and every Fred Brathwaite card.

I was happy to pick this short printed card up for pretty cheap. Although the buyer shipped in a top loader with tape at the top, which is very frustrating. I don't understand why most buyer's don't ship in a team bag. It saves the top loader and if you buy in bulk your cost price per team bag is 1 cent to 2.5 cents per bag. I now have another top loader I must get rid of because the top is ruined from tape! Use team bag's people!

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