Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vintage Game Review #1: Baseball Simulator 1.000 NES

I have NO clue at all how this gem came to be in my NES collection and for the last 5 or six years I have tried to figure it out. Regardless, this is my favourite baseball game for NES. The game was released in 1989 shortly after Baseball Stars, so this game gets looked over often. The best part about the game is that you can create a season and it will save stats.

The game features two types of teams: regular teams and ultra teams. The ultra teams feature special abilities and can be very tough to play against. The pitchers have special pitches that can't be hit and often you will see three of them in a row with the bases loaded and two out.

The one big knock against the game is that you must SIM computer controlled teams and this can take 5 or ten minutes. You usually have to Sim two games in a row. This has prevented many from completing a season and fully experiencing the game. I really don't mind to be honest, during SIM games I'll go to the washroom or read a magazine, sometimes both together. If it's a really good match up I'll even watch the SIM mode.

Since this is my first review I'll explain how I'll rank. For any game I play the most important factors are overall game play and fun. I'll rank each category out of five and score the game out of ten.

Baseball Simulator 1.000 NES (1989)

Game play 4/5
Fun          5/5

9 out of 10

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