Thursday, December 30, 2010

Challenge #1: One Game Wonders

In the trading card boom of the early 90's, it was common for a player who only played a handful of games to get a card.  For Ray Leblanc he got into exactly one NHL game and managed to win it, allowing only one goal on 22 shots. For a long time I thought this was a great accomplishment but then I read the back of the card and realized is game was played against the terrible expansion San Jose Sharks. Leblanc was returned to the minors and played out his career in the minor leagues.

This is the challenge I propose: what other one game wonders received a trading card despite playing in only one NHL game. The only players I can think of at the moment is former Bruins goaltender Claude Pronovost who received a card in the Parkie Missing Link set and former Leafs goalie Sebastian Centomo who played 40 minutes in one game. I'm sure their are plenty others so if you think of any please let me know!


  1. If you don't recall, Ray Leblanc was the goalie for the 1992 U.S. Olympic hockey team that finished 4th.

    I was at that Hawks/Sharks game back in 1992. The crowd chanted "USA! USA!" every time Leblanc made a save. It was...AWESOME! The only goal he gave up was on a breakaway, and Leblanc got a standing ovation after allowing that goal.

  2. I recall that he played for USA and that he played well against the Soviets. From what I heard he got into the game as a goodwill gesutre for representing USA. Thats cool that you made it to that game!

  3. That is partially true. Leblanc was called up from the minors to play for the Blackhawks partially because of his stellar play with Team USA. But the truth of the matter was that all NHL teams had to "offer up" one goalie with at least one game of experience for the expansion draft that fall. By playing Leblanc in a single game, he could be put on the unprotected list to potentially be drafted by either the Ottawa Senators or the Tampa Bay Lightning. Of course, neither team picked him.