Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Post!

This past summer I started up a blog to focus on the Blue Jays season but I quickly grew bored of it and deleted it. I've spent a lot of time deciding on a blog that I can maintain interest in and I've decided to go with a more general one focusing on my collecting.

While my first love for collecting has always been hockey cards, along the way I've picked up interest's in other area's. I recently starting reading comics again after giving them up in 2003 and I've started to collect the comics I grew up reading as a kid: Ducktales, Uncle Scrooge, Darkwing Duck  and Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers to name a few. I have BOOM comics to thank for the return of my childhood heroes!

The second collection I've picked up again is my vintage gaming collection. It's remained dormant since the early 2000's. This past summer I was able to pick up roughly 75 titles covering different systems such as NES, SEGA and Gameboy.

Over my collecting life I find that the interest in area usually means losing interest in another.  The one collection I've lost interest in is baseball cards.  I really haven't liked the recent releases and I'm not overly impressed with the Jays roster. I hope that one day I'll return to this collection and complete some of my un-finished 80's and 90's sets.

While hockey cards, comics and vintage games is a lot to focus on, I do have other collections. I have a small toy collection, mostly of Star Wars and hockey figures. I also collect books as I hope to have a nice library one day. I enjoy sports books but I also like anything on Canadian History and books written by Clive Cussler. These are just a few of my smaller collections and I hope to get into some other collections in future posts.

My blog will have certain feature articles on a regular basis such as: vintage game reviews, where are they now? Ffeaturing forgotten actors and athletes of days gone by. Hockey card pick ups, autograph successes and challenges. I look forward to posting and I hope the few people who read my blog will enjoy the pieces I share.

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