Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pack Break #1: 94-95 POG

I found this sealed gem at an antique mall in the middle of nowhere for $1. I've held off opening it for a while because I want to collect sealed packs but the temptation grew too strong.

Back in the mid 90's POG's were all the rage and it was common for every store at the mall to be sold out. Many recess fights later, POG's were banned from my public school. Although I never recall personally bringing them to school out of fear of having them stolen from greedy little thieves.

The Pack I purchased had a price sticker on it, which was removed by a careless old man and that explains the big white mark in the bottom left corner of the pack. Each pack contains 5 pogs and a checklist. I managed to pull Nik Lidstrom, Trent Klatt, San Jose Sharks team logo, Steve Smith and Nik the stick. If anyone recalls Borschevsky from his first few seasons with the Leafs, he was a near point a game player before sliding into obscurity with a handful of other teams. Steve Smith is known for accidentally scoring on his own net in the playoffs and costing the Oilers a Stanley Cup.

I'm considering going after the set as I think it would be a nice item to have in my collection.

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