Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Shopping and a Shout Out!

I wanted to thank Mike for offering up a Montoya card to me. Thanks for the offer, although I already have that card!

A few web site's had some Black Friday deals on boxes. I usually don't buy boxes because of the fact that they are way too expensive for what you get. A typical current box is about $60 to $80 and you would be lucky to get even half your value back.

I had been eyeing some older Pacific boxes for sometime, the prices dropped considerably and I picked up four nice boxes:

These boxes will be a lot of fun to break and I will get value for my money with the amount hits per box. The two titanium boxes feature 8 packs a box each, with one double sided jersey card per box. The draft day edition features a serial numbered RC per pack as well!

I picked up the Vanguard box because I wanted to try and hit the Brathwaite/Turek dual patch card.I have seen this card usually go for about $30 and the box cost about half that amount, so I think it is a fair gamble. Only two game used per box though, so my odds are not great.

The last box, Pacific Exhibit, features two game used cards per box, one of them being a time warp insert, that features an older star and a newer one. The card will will feature one side with a signature and the other side with a game used. These cards look great but they never really caught on since they were over sized.

Now I get to sit and wait for my boxes in the mail. Two of the boxes will actually be gifts for Christmas from family members and the other two boxes are a gift to myself. So look for me to be breaking the boxes and posting the results after Christmas!


  1. Gotta love those older Pacific boxes, good luck with them!

  2. Good luck with those breaks. Let me know how you do with the Exhibit as I'm putting together a full set including the Time Warps. They are highly under appreciated cards of some great players. I'm about four cards short of the timewarps and I have an extra Park/Sakic card to trade.