Monday, November 21, 2011

More Montoya Pickups

I have been mainly focusing on my Monotya PC lately due to budget. While there is some demand for Montoya cards out there, it's not too much as prices stay reasonable.

My first pickup is a 11-12 Score Black Ice. Black ices are inserted one per case. They are a tough pull and I am happy that Montoya was pulled. I am not sure how many cases were produced but I believe that there is less then 50 of each black ice card.

A pretty cool looking card. I believe there is a jersey version of the card but it's numbered to /1. I have seen some of the regular inserts priced for a large amount and I was happy to find this one for dirt cheap.

It's funny that these two play on the team together now and I wonder if they ever laugh about this fight. It was actually a fight that gave Montoya another chance in the NHL, thanks to Brent Johnson caving in Dipietro's cheek.

The All-Goalies set was a great idea and the base set was very nicely done. It's a shame that the jersey card, inserted one per box did not feature a better checklist. I can't tell you how many breaks I have seen that managed to pull an Andrew Raycroft jersey card.

Again, another great idea for a set but a poor autograph checklist really hurt the quality of this product. In the future, I really hope that score features retro designs again, especially 1995-96 Score.

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