Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Donruss Color Guard Pickup from the Sports Card Expo

Here is another nice lot of cards I snagged at the sports card expo. This lot was $25, which I'm pretty happy with. I originally had Roy & Brodeur in the lot but the seller doubled his price to $50, which was too steep for me considering I would be spending about 40% of my budget on only 8 cards and I had only made it through the first row of sellers.

I'm really happy to knock these off my want list and I'm really close to killing the set. One card I have not seen around for the set is Eric Fichaud. If anyone has this card please let me know and I would love to trade.

I really miss the creativity of hockey cards from the 90's when there wasn't autographs and game used cards. Price points were much more reasonable and the hobby was not so much of a business like it is today. I shouldn't complain because I love collecting, just sometimes I feel like I'm off in my own world stuck in the 90's!

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  1. Hey,
    You might want to check out this auction for the Fichaud card.