Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On the topic of ITG VS Upper Deck

I have been a big fan of ITG product over the last few years, especially since they produce a good amount of product for retired players. I really appreciate the creativity they use when creating different sets every year compared to upper deck, which for me has grown somewhat stale.

While I feel this way about ITG, apparently I'm way off the map considering I didn't see a whole lot of ITG product, especially singles at the Sports Card Expo in Toronto. I would say 20% of the singles I saw were ITG, while more then half were produced by Upper Deck.

For the past week I have tried to come up with a reason in my head why people would choose Upper Deck over ITG. I do notice that the trend now seems to be going after the hottest new rookies each season. This is a trend that Upper Deck caters too, considering how highly sought after the Young Guns are when they get released. ITG does not really produce true rookie cards.

When it comes to game used product, ITG is the leader of the pack by far. I have been blown away by the singles I have seen from 11-12 Ultimate. The game used product is just un-believable and in my opinion, it's the best new product I have seen in a long time. Now if only I could afford a pack as $160+ is way too much money to spend on three cards, which mostly would not be PC cards.

I have never been one to stick to trends in collecting. I enjoy collecting players from my childhood and it seems that ITG has really captured a corner of the market by bringing back players from the past.

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