Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Montoya Pickup, Head Shots and Crosby's Return

I picked this card up on the cheap and now I just need the base and 1/1 version. I find these parallels funny considering they just stamp a regular base card when in reality, it's just a regular base card and it's the stamping, not the card itself that makes it rare. I was still suckered in to the card despite knowing this.

I have not been impressed at all this season with the job the NHL has done at protecting goalies. Miller absolutely got destroyed by Lucic, in junior that would have been a suspension for sure. Two other goalies got hurt via hits by players: Al Montoya & James Reimer. Both have been out as result of those hits:

Reimer has missed a considerable amount and I still don't understand why Gionta did not get suspended as he obviously was trying to crash the crease. It makes me sick that a play like this would not be talked about more.

I could not find the video of Montoya getting hit by Daniel Winnik of the Avalanche. The resulted hit led to neck spasms but Montoya is currently out of the lineup with "a strained hamstring".

The media coverage from Crosby's come back game was insane and as a result of this, almost everyone who knows hockey spoke about the "comeback game" today. While Crosby is a great player, he is after all a human being and the game was boosted way up high on a pedestal. I feel bad for other guys, who have sat out with concussion issue for twice as long that received next to no fanfare when they returned. Matt Lombardi of the Leafs is a good example (not quite twice as long as Crosby though).

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