Wednesday, November 16, 2011

More Montoya Pick Ups!

I don't understand why Nabokov keeps getting back to back starts with sub .900 save percentage and Montoya playing so well. It seems unless Montoya allows one goal or less, he won't be getting back to back starts. It's a shame because I think he could really help the Islanders if he could get about 45 starts this season. From what I've heard, the price for Nabokov right now is a second round pick, which seems pretty steep for most teams.

Montoya seems to have two poses for his 05-06 rookie cards. The one pictured above from a photo shoot and another pose of him standing in his regular stance from a photo shoot. This is why I find myself slow to add all of his Upper Deck rookie cards. I really like the design of the 05-06 SPX rookies.

Another Upper Deck rookie and the exact same pose. Still this is another nice looking card with an on card autograph.

Three cards, all the same pose. I'm on the lookout for the patch variation of the ultra, so if anyone has one please let me know. On the topic of 05-06 Fleer Ultra, this was the set that actually got me back into hockey card collecting after a five year absence!

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