Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Montoya Pick Ups

I got this mail day on Monday but haven't had the time to post until now. I'm pleased to post this after Montoya had his third straight start for the Islanders tonight and won the game 2-1. He made some really solid saves late in the game, especially when the Islanders were down two men on the penalty kill. Take a look at these saves:

Talk about all out effort, just what I like to see from a goalie. Montoya never seems to give up on any play, even when down and out. I am very happy to land the goalie graph card to my collection for .99 cents plus two dollars shipping!

Now the real gem of the mail day.....

My first ultimate card in my collection and it's a beauty! I got this card for about $8 with shipping and I'm very pleased to own it. My only knock against the card is that the patch is so think it's making the card crease around the patch box. Still a very nice card to own!

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