Saturday, November 19, 2011

Short Printed Montoya Pick Up /10

It's hard to see the serial number between Montoya's pads but this is an UD Exclusives 4/10. I debated as to whether or not I should pick this card up given the price but I knew I may not see this card again for a very long time.

Some nice Montoya cards have been popping up on ebay lately and I have been on the out side looking in. An ITG jumbo glove 1/1 recently sold for $150, best offer and an 05-06 Ultimate Shield 1/1 went for $200 best offer. While I really enjoy collecting Montoya, I could not justify spending that much on a card. I don't think I spend $350 on cards total in 8 or 10 month's total!

Regardless of missing out on some nice cards, I think I have done well lately with my collecting and have enjoyed myself a lot more thanks to more focus on collecting habits.

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