Monday, January 17, 2011

$1000 To Spend On Hockey Singles: What Would You Buy?

Let's just say you won a promotion and were given $1000 to spend on singles, what would you buy? Here is my list! I will use recent sales to get an accurate purchase amount (rounded to the nearest dollar).

1) 1979-80 Topps Wayne Gretzky RC PSA 7  $257

This card is an absolute steal at $257! I would have prefered to go with an OPC RC but they are much more expensive then the Topps. This card is a must have for any serious hockey card collector.

2) 2009-10 The Cup Signature Patches Lemieux/Gretzky  $296

Next up I'll take this monster! Two of the greatest offensive talents of all time featured on one of the nicest cards I've ever seen. Whoever landed this beauty is one lucky duck! So far I've blown over half my $1000 budget on two cards!

3) 1986-87 Topps Patrick Roy RC PSA 8  $50

Next up I'll take this beauty for $50. Another must have for any serious collector! The prices for Roy's Topps and OPC RC's has dropped considerably!

4) 1951-52 Parkhurst Terry Sawchuk RC  $181

This card is on the top of my want list and I hope to find a copy for myself one day. The picture in the scan seems a bit suspicious and I'm not sure if it's authentic. I think others felt the same way and that explains the low final auction price. I would prefer a low grade PSA so I know it's $100 authentic. PSA 1 or 2's of this card usually go for $100 to $150.

5) 1985-86 OPC Mario Lemieux RC $106

With my money running out fast, I need to make some careful choices for the last cards. This pick is another no brainer. I'm surprised for how in-expensive this card is now. The Topps version can be found for dirt cheap!

I've spent $888 so far, so I probably have one good card left to pick! I considered a Bobby Orr auto, but I didn't see anything I really liked for the $100 range. I also considered a nice Jacques Plante piece but again, nothing nice for around $100.

6) 2005-06 The Cup Signature Patch Ray Bourque  $120

Another easy choice! I know I went $8 over a $1000 but it's my idea, so I'll do what I want! This is a beautiful card and the patch is gorgeous! The signature is a bit rough, so I'd go after another. Bourque was the best defensman in my favourite era of the game, so this is my rationale behind buying this card. I considered a Bourque RC but those are actually pretty in-expensive these days. I've seen them at card shows in good condition for $20-$25.

A $1000 netted me some pretty sweet cards! Too bad I'll probably never own any of these cards. The most I've ever spent on one single hockey card was $50! The only way I could add any of these cards to my collection is to save up and buy one every two month's. For the cheaper cards, it would blow my whole card budget for one month.

As much as I like collecting, I feel guilty spending too much money on it. I'm in the stage of my life where I'm trying to save money to get my own place.

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  1. nice selection... if I remember, I'll try this out later tonite.