Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pack Break #9: 2 Packs of Topps Update Baseball and One Box Topper!

I have really had the urge to bust packs lately, which I rarely do since I'd rather buy singles. Luckily a few packs always sets me right back to buying singles. I actually went to the LCS to buy some snap cases and when I saw they had a fresh sealed box of Topps Update, I went for some packs.

I asked the one guy behind the counter if he collected when I asked questions about snap cases and he told me "no"! I couldn't believe it! He was a 16 year old working in a card store that he had no interest in. When he opened the box and I saw the topper, I asked him if I could buy it for the price of the regulars packs. He told me I could just have it for nothing since I was buying packs.

Pack 1

I really hate the Topps Attax cards and I wished Topps would just stop putting these dreaded things in packs!

The one insert I pulled in the first pack was from the "cards your mom threw out" series. I believe somewhere stashed away in some 5000 count boxes I have this actual card from 1994.

Pack 2

Nothing great, I didn't even bother to scan the Topps Attax card (it was of David Wright). The Cy Young is pretty nice but the write up on the back of the card is pretty random:

I'm not sure why they decided to compare his 1907 season to 1977. I think it would have made more sense to compare his 1907 season to another pitcher in recent years.

I got this freebie box topper pack, which contains one chrome refractor rookie card. Opening the pack I was crossing my fingers for someone I had actually heard of and not a scrub....

SCRUBBBBBB! Oh well, it was free so I shouldn't complain. It was nice to open some new baseball product again and to not have to pay very much for it.

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