Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mailday #3: 7 Card PC Pick Up

One thing that has bothered me about ebay is the high shipping charges that most sellers charge. The most I'll pay is $3.00 plus at most another .75 cents per additional card from the same seller. I was lucky to pick these up from a seller who offers a great initial shipping charge, then a very small additional charge by card.

As usual I picked up a few Brathwaite cards for the PC. I really like the 01-02 Pacific Net Fusion Cards as they've put a netting in the card for the goal. I really liked Pacific in the late 90's and early 2000's as they always seemed to be putting out new creative product.

Another player I like to collect is Stephane Fiset. As a kid I liked him when he was with the Kings and had a few good seasons. In the mid to late 90's I would go to this flea market about half an hour away from my house with my family and I would sort through large boxes of base to find the players I collected, including Fiset. One seller always seemed to pull high end Fiset and would sell them to me for cheap. One of my best buys being a 96-97 Pinnacle Die Cut Mask of Fiset for $10. At the time of release this card booked for $100+ dollars. This was before ebay, so most sellers sold cards at, or close to book value.

The 96-97 Flair Hot Gloves is one of the nicest insert sets ever put out. I've always wanted to work on the set but due to cost and scarcity I haven't been able to. This Jim Carey was a steal at under $3.

The last card's of the bunch are of Doug Gilmour, my favourite player with the Leaf's in the 90's. While he has some nice cards coming out in recent releases they are always in demand and command some big money (big for me at least). I like to stick to the older inserts. The 96-97 Leaf Leather and Lace card is numbered 3022/5000 and the laces on the card actually stick out a bit. It's a pretty nice card and a shame they don't make inserts like this now.

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